Our Mission

Give back to
our future

One simple dollar, one GIANT impact


Our Mission

We believe $1 is all that is needed to make a HUGE difference in someone's life.


How it Works

Sign up, give to children each month, and watch how you directly impact their lives.​


Our Difference

100% of all monthly contributions are given back directly to children in need.

About Us

We Give Back 100%

We started Giving the Dollar to help change how the world thinks about giving back to one another. 100% of all monthly contributions are given back to help children in need and those battling medical illnesses.

How it Works

Giving the Dollar makes it simple for individuals to give back. Join our community of people giving back each month, helping make a difference in the lives of children all over.


Follow three simple steps using our give form and join our community of thousands of givers today.


Each month, our team at Giving the Dollar will identify a child in need and your $1 contribution will go towards helping them directly.


Each month, we will capture the impact on video and share it with the community of givers that made it happen.

Giving back to children in need

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