Our Difference

Unlike most charitable organizations, 100% of ALL our monthly contributions are given back to help a child or family in need. The best part, we show you each month how your dollar is used; we don't hide anything. Each month, we will send every member a video and email showing you exactly where your $1 went and how it helped someone in need.


One Simple Dollar,
One Giant Impact

We believe no contribution to a worthy effort is too small. Giving the dollar is built on the principle that a little bit from everyone can make real change


Direct Impact

Each month, we take every dollar contributed and give directly to a child in need. We don't donate to organizations where you're left unsure how your dollar was used.


Transparent Communication

As a member of the Giving the Dollar community, you will get an inside look at the impact of your dollar. Each month, you will receive an update on who we’ve helped and how we’ve helped them.



Giving to organizations should not feel like you are taking away from supporting your family and/or your savings. Committing to a $1 donation should feel effortless, which is why Giving the Dollar is the most affordable way to make a meaningful difference.


Make a Difference

We don’t just give. We work diligently to try and understand people's struggles and what hurdle life has brought to them. We help people battle through the fight and get back on their feet while encouraging change and gaining new perspectives.

Hands Together Icon

Helping Hand

Giving the Dollar is more than helping individuals financially. It creates a support system for each recipient by opening the eyes of the people around them. Helping them overcome their obstacles in life becomes more feasible when a larger community is involved.