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Our Mission

Our mission is very simple… to GIVE. We started Giving the Dollar to help change how the world thinks about giving back to one another.

Direct Impact

We make a direct impact on someone's life. Giving the Dollar works alongside organizations, charities, and surrounding communities to help identify specific individuals in need.

Transparent Communication

As a member of the Giving the Dollar community, you will get an inside look at the impact of your dollar. Each month, you will receive an update on who we’ve helped and how we’ve helped them.

100% Goes Back

100% of all monthly contributions are given directly to those in need, Giving the Dollar relies on private donors and your support through our shop to help cover other organizational costs.

Giving the Dollar

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People often think of Charity As an Action. But WE think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

What if each month, every person gave $1 to help a sick child in need? What if your dollar helped give a child a fighting chance against cancer? What if your dollar helped provide the tools and resources needed to provide happiness and support to children affected by medical illnesses? What if YOUR dollar contributed to changing someone’s life?

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

Nelson Mandela


Every day 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer,
making it the SECOND leading cause of death in children. Children are 1/3rd of our population but are ALL of our future.

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